Terms of Services

Please read the following terms and conditions before visiting our website. These terms and conditions describe the use of the universal Packing Website.

This agreement is put in between you, the User of this Website or the Buyer and, Custom Packaging, the owners of this Website. Your agreement to follow with and be frisk by these Terms and Conditions is judged to occur when you first use the Web Site. If you do not agree to be hop by these Terms and Conditions, you must immediately stop using the Web.


A cardinal step is to get a full approach to all of our products and services you need to register on our website with your authenticate email. You probably already have Gmail or another free email account. It’s easy to imagine how wrong a business mail might be. One of the best ways is to set up a custom email address under your domain name. It is therefore very important that you include exact and complete information when registering. We take remarkable measures to protect your information. Therefore, always choose a hard password to avoid any damage over time that no third party can access your personal data. However, if you have lost your password, contact us straight away so that we can lock your account so that no one can approach your information for malevolent plans.

Customer content:

Customer content varies and includes anything your customers do, whether it be review sites like help reviews or posts on social media. Many customers want different images to be printed in custom packaging. We accept all such requirements but before giving away any image or content make sure it is your own and you have not been copied to any website. The purpose of customer content is to use custom packaging to drive new recognitions and strengthen existing consumer communication channels.

By becoming a member you will have full functions and features in an account that will give you many other benefits but you will never share such duplicated or copied content from the following links:

  • Degrading, illegal, threatening and obscene content
  • Obtrusive safety and security of the person
  • Any one thing that set out the cause of screen illegal activity
  • It promotes anti-government violence
  • It is not owned by you alone
  • Is it the subject of any dispute in terms of copyright, intellectual property rights or the right to information?
  • Contains harmful content such as Trojans and viruses

Your content should be followed by these rules:

  • Accuracy. Our prime and elite concern is that we are available for the correct information in a trustworthy way.
  • Clarity. We try to avoid legal stang and overly formal wording. Our customer demands to understand the agreement they’re making with us.
  • Succinctness. We want our users to read and understand our legal documents, while also respecting their time.

We are not responsible for any of the custom packaging you have prepared from the third party mentioned on our website.

Design tool:

every effort has been made to ensure that all graphical representations and descriptions of the Universal Packaging are consistent with the actual property, CustomPackaging is not responsible for any variations on these definitions. But we facilitate our buyers with all designs tool which buyers can easily access tools once a buyer can use our tools for prototyping it doesn’t mean that you are the owner of that.Only Universal Packaging can have the right of ownership.

Quality of color:

There are three symbols that describe color; color, saturation and light.

When most people refer to ‘color’ they tend to have a sense of hue. It is the basic quality of color. Quality that distinguishes blue from green or orange or yellow for example. The quality of the color is not exactly the same as we use in Universal Packaging. This differs from website to website or from devices.

Production time:

Production time covers the period from the time of the entry of production methods into the business until the product is not delivered to the customer.CustomPackaging delivered customers orders in flip flop manner. Therefore if you are failed to deliver the product on time then you will have plenty of charges for the product delivery.

We believe in quality:

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” ~Steve Jobs

CustomPackaging has been launched to fulfil all your packaging demands. Customers rely on a never-ending product for the products they use and the services they provide. We Believe In Giving Only The Best To Our Clients And Never Compromise On the Quality Of Our Products And Services.


There are two options for making such examples for sampling:

1: We can send you a sample kit that includes our pre-made boxes so, you can check the quality of the item and printable items.

2: We can provide you with custom samples for your desired size and print.

Note: There are minor charges for sampling, please contact us through live chat or email us at info@universalpackaging.ca for more information.