Custom Cosmetic Sachet Packaging

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First impressions matter, in the world of beauty and cosmetics so, what are you waiting for? Start your branding and packaging journey with us. We understand the unique requirements of your brand, and our innovative packaging is designed to not only cover your products but also make a unforgettable impact on your clients. Share your artwork file with us if ready or let us know if you need our free design support too in order to setup your brand with Custom Cosmetic Sachet Packaging. In the dynamic world of cosmetics, the packaging is becoming an essential part as the product itself.



Any design, logo, pattern or artwork is printable on your required Cosmetic Sachet Packaging

Dimension (L + W + H)

Give us your required size and let us change your vision into reality 


We do have minimum order quantities based on the design size flexibility and timeline.


PET, Clear PET, METALIZED (Aluminum), Kraft (chat with our packaging expert for better selection)


Digital, Gravure Printing, PMS (Pantone Matching System), Spot Colors and CMYK


Gloss, Matte Finishing, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot UV, Embossing, Foiling(Gold, silver, Cooper, Red, Blue Foil Stamping)

Additional Options

Window Patching, Die-cutting, Laser cutting


(10-14 business days) Depends upon number of color layers and size, after press-ready file confirmed by client


Ship Flat, Packed in container, UPS, FedEx, DHL

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Can I get assistance in creating a design for my cosmetic sachet packaging if I don’t have one already?

 Absolutely! Our skilled design team is ready to collaborate with you, transforming your ideas into a captivating and exclusive sachet design.

 Are there any hidden fees in the quoted price for custom cosmetic sachet packaging?

 Transparency is key. The quoted price includes all relevant costs, and we ensure clarity in every aspect of the packaging process.

 Can I request a sample that incorporates my brand’s design before placing a bulk order?

 Certainly! We offer sample options that allow you to see and feel your customized sachet before committing to a larger order.

 Can I collaborate with you to create seasonal or limited-edition cosmetic sachet designs?

Absolutely! We love bringing seasonal and limited-edition concepts to life. Let’s collaborate to make your cosmetic packaging dynamic and fresh. 

 Is there a recommended order lead time to ensure timely delivery of my cosmetic sachet packaging?

 We recommend placing orders well in advance to allow for customization, production, and shipping. Our team can provide more specific timelines based on your needs.

 Are your cosmetic sachet packaging materials resistant to environmental factors like humidity or temperature changes?

 We select materials that are resilient to environmental factors, ensuring the protection of your cosmetic products under various conditions.

 Can I adjust my design after it has been submitted for production?

 We understand that adjustments may be necessary. Contact us promptly, and we’ll work together to accommodate any changes if possible.

 Are there specific recommendations for the disposal or recycling of cosmetic sachet packaging?

 We provide eco-friendly options, and our team can guide you on proper disposal or recycling practices for your specific packaging materials.

The purity of white not only enhances the visual appeal of your cosmetics but also exudes a sense of sophistication. Whether you ’re launching a new skincare line or rebranding your current packaging, these white sachets offer an exclusive and classic option to present your cream, lotoin or any related product. The neutral tone of white allows for amaznig possibilities in design, making it easy to merge with your brand’s logo, graphics, and text precisely.

White Cosmetic Packaging
Black Cosmetic Packaging

Step into sophistication with your Black Cosmetic Sachet Packaging a bold statement for your beauty products. Follow the appeal of black trends, offering a luxurious branding for your cosmetic products. Our commitment to customization extends to color, and our black sachet packaging is designed to boost your brand.


Give elegance in every drop of your brand with personalized Cosmetic Sachet Packaging:

Dive into a world where information becomes an adventure. We are here to help you away on a journey of discovery in your brand. Uncover the secrets behind the classics, and let the joy of learning spark your curiosity. Rebrand your cosmetic items with the appeal of customized ornamental sachet packaging. It overcome complications, ensuring that each product isn’t just defended but presented with perfection. Ideal for single- use operations, ornamental sachet packaging adds a touch of luxury to everyday beauty.

Materialized to your brand’s specifications, these sachets come a symbol of excellence, charming clients with their cool and functional design. Follow the trend of packaging and make every drop of your cosmetic product an experience to remember. Let your brand go to the next level with eco-friendly charm! Custom Printed Kraft Boxes a sustainable solution for impactful packaging.

Cosmetic Pouch Packaging: Where Style Meets Functionality

Step into a world where timeless elegance meets jolly charm! Our classic collection invites you to rediscover the joy in life’s simple pleasures. Transform your cosmetic packaging with the sharp flexibility of cosmetic pouch packaging. These personalized pouches are more than just protective covers as well as they’re fashion statements. Whether it’s a traditional design or a burst of vibrant colors, cosmetic pouch packaging offers a boom for your brand’s personality. 

Cosmetic Bag Packaging: A Symbol of Space and Luxury

Step into the world of luxury and functionality with cosmetic bag packaging. Offering enough space for a variety of products, these bags redefine cream packaging. Customized to meet with your brand’s need, cosmetic bag packaging becomes a statement piece for your items. It’s not just about protection, it’s about presenting your products in a manner that increase your followership. Practical, stylish, and a backbone for your brand’s creativity, ornamental bag packaging ensures that your cosmetics stand out in a competitive market.

Embrace the classic charm of these pouches while keep the freedom to infuse your own jolly vibes into the design. Whether you’re presenting vibrant lipsticks, face powders, or any other cosmetic items, our Mylar bags are the perfect companions for your beauty products.

Dive into the perfect combination of  festive flair – choose our custom cosmetic sachet packaging pouch Mylar bags to grab your customers and spread the joy of beauty in every package!


Cosmetic Sachet Packaging Wholesale: Your Gateway to Bulk Elegance

When it comes to take your cosmetic brand on a grand scale, consider the need of cosmetic sachet packaging wholesale. This option not only ensures the protection and presentation of your products with flair but also provides the practicality of bulk purchases. If you order your bags at once in bulk quantity, it ultimately tend to reduce the overall per unit cost of the bag. 

Personalize it to your brand’s specifications, these sachets become symbols of goodness, capturing customers with their stylish and functional design on mylar packaging bags, even now available locally. Embrace the trend of personalized packaging on a larger scale and make every cosmetic sachet a rich symbol to your brand’s commitment to quality and style. Discover top-quality Mylar Bags Canada, offering premium durability and protection for your products. Start your packaging journey with us.

Go with the Flow and support the world with ecofriendly custom kraft mylar pouches for cosmetics

Step into a world where we meets the jolly spirit with our custom printed kraft cosmetic Mylar pouches. These pouches are not just a packaging solution; they are a celebration of your brand’s creative identity and the joy to your ideas. The classic appeal of kraft paper combined with the festive touch of customized printing creates a awesome packaging experience.

Imagine the happiness on your customers’ faces as they test your cosmetic products from these personalise pouches. The richness of kraft paper lends a classic touch, while the custom prints infuse a sense of celebration, making each pouch a different beauty in itself.

Our custom printed kraft cosmetic Mylar pouches are more than packaging; they’re a proof to the beauty. Whether it’s lipsticks, creams, or powders, these pouches are designed to complement.

Choose the custom printed kraft cosmetic Mylar pouches –  choose the perfection to make your customers happy and win their heart with joy.

Cosmetic Sachet Packaging Supplier: A Partnership of Satisfaction

Picture yourself unwrapping a beautifully gift having your handmade cosmetics items into it – each moment is a celebration. Lets create an ambiance that flip the time into sucussful growth in business. At Universal Packaging, we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of design and functionality. Our different range of sachet packaging options is strictly crafted to meet the unique requirements of your ornamental particulars. From compact and stylish designs to vibrant color schemes, our packaging results are acclimatized to make your products stand out on the shelves. What sets us piecemeal is our fidelity to sustainability.

Cosmetic Sachet Packaging Near Me: Convenience at Your Doorstep

Explore the convenience of local sourcing with cosmetic sachet packaging near you. Choosing a supplier in proximity ensures quicker reversal times and easy communication. When your packaging partner is nearby, you can actively participate in the customization process, ensuring that every detail aligns with your brand’s vision.

Cosmetic sachet packaging near you not only simplifies logistics but also expedite a cooperative and effective cooperation. Discover the advantages of having your custom cosmetic packaging results just around the corner. Immerse your brand in the world of personalized packaging, where perfection meets practicality. These Mylar pouches not only protect your products in a stunning light but also ensure premium protection

Cosmetic Sachets: An Essential Way of Branding

Enjoy the convenience and style with personalized sachets. These compact wonders redefine the packaging game by seamlessly blending fineness with practicality. Ideal for single- use operations, these packaging sachets offer a touch of luxury to everyday beauty items. Whether you ’re introducing a new product or adding a touch of sophistication to your existing line, personalize cosmetic sachets insure that each application is a pleasurable experience.

The packaging is not only about storing in a wrapper but also serves functional purposes such as preserving the product’s integrity, extending shelf life, and ensuring user convenience. When it comes to take your cosmetic brand on a grand scale, consider the need of cosmetic sachet packaging wholesale.

Cosmetic Sample Sachets Suppliers: Boost Your Product Introduction

For a remarkable introduction of any cosmetic line, rely on trusted cosmetic sample sachets suppliers. These suppliers understand the significance of first impressions and give you with the perfect tool to present your branding. Cosmetic sample sachets not only offer a glimpse into the quality and effectiveness of your cosmetics but also serve as vital player for your brand.

Collaborate with suppliers who specialize in customization, ensuring that your sample sachets reflect the substance of your brand and leave a lasting impression on implicit guests. Explore high- quality Stand Up Pouches Canada for flexible and accessible packaging results. Create an impact in hihgly competitive market with your brand by using custom pouch mylar bags options.

Cosmetic Mylar Packaging in Canada: Secure and Stylish Solutions locally

Proud to be an canadian local packaging supplier. Its time to support local suppliers for your Cosmetic Mylar Packaging within Canada! As your premier destination for extraordinary packaging, we take pride in delivering innovative and high-quality results to meet the unique requirements of the Canadian cosmetic market.

At Universal Packaging, we understand the significance of making a statement on the shelves. Choosing our Cosmetic Mylar Packaging means choosing durability and excellence. Mylar, known for its strength and inflexibility, ensures that your cosmetic items remain complete and visually perfect. So, what are you waiting for? Lets enjoy your packaging journey together, submit your free quote request now or chat with our packaging expert via Live chat support: