Custom Mylar Bags

Get your own custom mylar bags with logo or design printing in any size, shape, style and material. We offer Free Shipping, Fast Production and quick turnaround for all your packaging needs. Submit your quote now and get 30% OFF
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Custom Mylar Bags

Custom Mylar Bags & Pouches

Making custom mylar bags bulk at wholesale price in any style, and size dimension is possible now. These Mylar-style bags are highly desirable in the food, herb and supplement space because of their strength, durability and ability to protect their contents from the outside environment. We offer certified child-resistant mylar bags in a variety of flexible packaging films and structures, perfect for brands looking for a high-quality custom pouch. The high-barrier options include odour-resistant, single-use, and resealable.


 Style Any Custom Size and style available
Dimension (L + W + H) All Custom Sizes Available
Quantities 100 – 500,000
Stock Plastic, Food gradable, Aluminum, Kraft
Printing Plain, CMYK Colors, PMS (Pantone Matching System), Spot Colors
Finishing Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot UV, Embossing, Foiling
Additional Options Heat Sealable + Zipper + Clear Window + Round Corner
Turnaround 8-12 business days after press-ready file confirmed by client
Shipping Ship Flat, Packed in Boxes, UPS, Fedex, DHL
custom stand up mylar bags

Exclusive Features

If you want it to be child resistant, it is now easy to have custom child proof mylar bags in any dimension and printing. According to demand these custom child-resistant mylar bags or stand up pouches and lay flat pouches have been passed through the different tests to get certified by all other agencies to meet federal test requirements. For businesses that are looking to go green eco-friendly packaging, our 100% recyclable CR zippers are here.

We enable anti-counterfeit 

The safety of your consumer is much more important. We allow printing QR codes digitally so customers can scan them and get information about material or ingredients. The stock of our films keep the smell and odor in bag and prevent the moisture to enter. So your things remain fresh and maintain the quality.

Mylar Bags Smell Proof

To get your cbd mylar bags smell proof in any size and printing, submit a quote now. It comes in seal with heat, they are originated to maintain product quality and fresh food. Just put your food in it and sew it up. That turn out a strong fence between your product and the external environment. Usually, these are used forever-lasting storage of dried and dried food or herbs. 

It helps to prevent the excess of potassium, producing it an ideal product of our’s to retain your endless food fresh. Therefore, the long-term effects of warmth, shining, dampness, and oxygen are greatly diminishing or get rid of lessening. If you are looking for a stylish product for fragrance protection, then this is the product you should try. Made of high-quality vegan PU leather, our product comes with activated carbon technology, thus concealing even the strongest odor/scent. Our product contains a key-level lock system built into the zipper smell proof bags.

3.5 Mylar Bags

We do 3.5 Mylar bags in any size and custom printing with Free Shipping. It is one of the most desirable foods, herbal and supplemental custom packaging options due to its strength, durability and ability to protect its contents outdoors such as air and moisture. Each of the products we produce is customized with our logo in rich, flexible colours thanks to our digital printing process.

when we build your product like these with labels our customers know what our business does. That if you bring standard at a lower price, the customer will stay with your product and trust your product for an everlasting. This thing remembers your business every time your customer uses your stuff. Therefore, choosing a slogan as a name represents the model of your business model. For example, we will select “your item, our packages contain 3.5 bags near me in customized size and shape”.

3.5 Mylar Bags
put my logo on mylar bags direct

Put my logo on mylar bags direct

You can choose breathtaking colors and striking designs for your favourite products. Pack bags with your company logo to attract the customer and keep your delicate food safe and keep the original texture. Your lovely Edibles look even more tempting with such interest and appeal. Similar to the packaging there are many different styles of logos; stick-ons, sliders and foldable logos. These are the three most popular options. With the support of our graphic designers’ experts and our research on numerous studies on it. We decided to use a thin layer of laminated cards attached with a useful hanger to style our products.

Our design experts are skilled at creating accomodating packaging solutions that help your product stand out from your competitors. The design team will guide you through all the steps of the cannabis packaging design process to ensure that the packaging fits your product well and helps your product create better communication with customers.

Custom Printed Mylar Bags

All custom printed mylar bags no minimum with fast production and Free shipping at doorstep. Our service is a strong and long-lasting material that is small and flexible and has sealed. This makes it more sensitive to oxygen, water, vapour, and light, thus making it a supreme product for a durable diet or storage of herbs. Put your contents in a bag, mark the temperature, and store them in a cool, dry place.

No Matter what stores sell mylar bags Universal packaging offers custom printed stand up bags on. let our graphic design team take your product to the next step. Even if it’s custom designs, color plan of action, ornamentation, close captioning shading, gradients, textures, or accents, our experienced construction team can handle everything. Just sync your logo and set foot in detail how you would like us to design your product. As soon as the order is placed our team starts working on your proof. The proof is sent for review and approval in your email within 24-48 hours of order, depending on construction requests.

custom printed mylar bags

Starburst Mylar Bags

Your packaging affix and grab the purchaser with your product. Every conclusion you make consign hidden indications to customers. To help you better discuss your product story our team will understand your needs and intentions to make a more effective and well-organized print and conference strategy. Your Starburst packaging design ought to be striking and eye-catching and our creative team staff can perform with you to manufacture something unique to your products. There are some pros of that products:

  1. Comes with activated carbon lining to keep the bag odourless. It contains two pockets to keep your items organized
  2. It has dual Velcro enclosed secure that ensures the safety of your items. Made of high-quality polyester material
  3. Comes with a functional wristband

Custom 3.5 mylar bags

Every custom 3.5 Mylar bags near me are a confidential missile for long-lived eating or preservation of herbs. Hold back your investment products garden fresh and put a step to unseasonable defilement due to exposure and exposure. Function and Occupation: Sniffing evidence, child resistance, long-lived storage, odor proof, sturdy packaging, moisture loss control, energy storage 3.5mil (89 microns) is the smallest size of bags. We sell Pre labeled mylar bags in any size, as we have grasp encounter that this is the right bag range for the bulk preservation. Packaging demands for the well being of food is another central way to consider when using pack snacks and silicon oxide barren for food depot. About this:

  1. Food items-range: clean and safe, keep clothes dry and fresh
  2. Ziplock Mylar Bags: scrap bags ready for packaging and storage, such as bakery, nuts, sweets, cookies, chocolate, tealeaf, weeds, herbs, tobacco, cereals. It’s a great kitchen accessory.
  3. Unsearchable design easy to use Researchable, the wallet is ready closed and recycled, save your money.
  4. They are stand up: food is a multi-coloured bag to choose from it has several colors like red, blue, and a blend of colors.
  5. Food storage: fragness with a wide range of options:8*10cm,10*15cm.15*.

3.5 mylar bags with labels

Come by 3.5 mylar bags with labels in the Universal package to assist you to earn more money for your profession. Building chief is the foundation of any career. This is the part of the profession that most often accompanies the successful marketing process.3.5 mylar bags with labels

Labels can be valuable when consumers buy anything. Some look for the availability of dry cleaning, while others prefer the economy of laundry. We are manufactures of cookie mylar bags with Labels for them we make any size in any dimensions according to our customer’s perspective or requirement. Then customer provides the complete instruction about regular care. Labelling can be done because of the following reasons:

  1. It should be attached permanently and securely.
  2. Attach it so that consumers can easily see them or find them at their place of sale
  3. It becomes readable during product usage.
  4. If the installation is interrupted, enter additional care details outside the package or in the hang-tag attached with them.


Cookies Mylar bags 3.5 wholesale

Cookies mylar bags 3.5 wholesale are an outstanding recommendation for cookies items that need safekeeping in a sealed adjacent. Thanks to its high-density material, the bakery is protected from moisture and oxygen entering or leaving the pocket, extending the shelf-life, and keeping your product clean. Its style is highly sought after in food, vegetables and supplementation due to its strength, durability and ability to protect its non-natural contents. The founders of Universal Packaging started with the assignment of giving local-based consumer goods packaging companies the ability to take apart larger products with great packaging styles.

Find Mylar Ziplock bags near me matters

Universal Packaging offers the opportunity of free shipping if you find mylar ziplock bags near me. These come in self-closing and ideal for fill up and stockpiling. Deposit products like bakery goods, nut-food, sweets, cookies, chocolates, tea leaves, spices, rice, snacks, coffee beans, herbs, tobacco, cereals, and jerky. Ideal for kitchen storage accessories. These are Learning Materials-Range are also polished, shielded, along with a set for use. Keep standard updates on your good stuff in this bag. The premium wholesale resealable mylar bags retains fully wetness and aqua outside and some products odor inside when closed. Put together and assemble with long-lasting substance and costly resolution sketch.

  1. Design: Small yet large enough for essentials and accessories.
  2. These are mostly scent proofed and food depot covering.
  3. All Cookies brands come with Holographic Authenticity Stickers and label.
  4. Chargeless dispatching for all sealed dispositions.
  5. On the spot transferring on TORONTO orders.

Mylar packaging near me

We come up with a free shipping service if you look for mylar packaging near me for customization. The stock quality blend and lanching latest style in the flexible packaging company. It is the only manufacturer close to you. If you cast around with the query which packaging is nearer you that is the one-stop solution for all your printing needs and you are one step away, with customise size and logos. We deliver a combination of quality stock packaging and the latest lanching style in a flexible packaging company.

Custom Mylar edible bags

Pack your groceries in these Custom mylar edible bags for food that are of good quality and well made adequate to carry your food. They are used to set forth and present food in a kind way, with appropriate designs and style, look great and enhance the look of your marketing .elementary and casual things look great in it. “We are here to help you turn your product into something that is guaranteed to make you more attractive and make more money”. Universal packaging works to develop your business and stimulate your marketing of all items, packaging is very essential. If it use to store in a box look good and beautiful.

About custom mylar bags for edibles

  1. New zipper signs that close
  2. Compatible with most Sealers
  3. Included Under Extended Volume
  4. Fragrance Proof Package Contains Any Fragrance

Custom edible mylar bags

Keep your custom edible mylar bags toronto long and improve their shelf life. By picking out an appealing packaging. Consumable products offer you high-quality services. These are ready for the bale and transfer of products from one place to another. We offer impressive modify of retail. You can print them in popular shapes, sizes and colours.  printed custom edible are many products that are sturdy and durable enough to carry heavy products without injury. You can shift your belongings without fear of injury, from one place to another.

Fruity pebbles mylar bags with window

The Fruity pebbles mylar bags with window come in any size, style and printing with free shipping. Diminish the ever-lasting outcome of uncovering while protecting the scent inside. Keep your content fresh most of the time, while prolonging the quality. Stockpile a diversification of products such as herbs, bakery, nuts, sweets, cookies, chocolates, tea leaves, spices, rice, snacks, coffee beans, tobacco, cereals, and jerky. Choose us if you want Mylar Bag printing near me to get it in any size, shape or style with free shipping and fast production.

However Fruity pebbles vessels can provide the most defensible products as well as a way to assist the environment and maximum waste disposal. Moving along in automation can make food preservation and processing easier, for the time being minimizing and waste, and reducing exhalation. It does not make sense that a food item eaten within minutes or seconds leaves a piece that lasts for years in the earth’s crust. 

Mylar Ziplock bags near me

Get free shipping if you search mylar ziplock bags near me for your custom requirements. These set out many-sided intentions for the needs of all pharmacies, food shops, and bakery items and also dried nuts. For those who need a good product in a certain gram or ounce size, you will be able to choose from a variety of baggie sizes to suit your specific needs and choice. It is a high-quality anti-odor bag to store herbs and medicines. This product weighs 11in x 6in. Two waterproof zippers travel long distances to ensure that the scent stays trapped in the middle of the product. Stylish, durable, and easy to carry, the product contains two measuring 4in x 6in for better and safer storage of items. There are some features about this products:

  1. It can hold up to 2oz
  2. Comes with heavy-duty carbon lining
  3. It comes with an open floor to maximize space
  4. A stylish, luxurious, waterproof, breath-resistant bag made of premium vegan leather
  5. A convenient travel accessory for your essentials (cash, medicines, herbs, mills, plumbing, spices, lightweight items)


custom direct print mylar bags

Find custom direct print mylar bags UK to assist you to earn more money. Building leaders is the foundation of any business. This is the part that most often accompanies the successful marketing process. Packaging plays an important role in success and popularity whether it is blank mylar bags. If you want your product to be flattering and to find its own standing among on the market, rather than use something. It creates the most apprehension of the item, the attractive and interesting packaging always wears the alluring of the talent of buyer no one is looking at the customary gaze.

Put my logo on mylar bags direct

When your brand prints your logo it becomes an image of your brand and reveal your product in a distinctive way. The logo promotes your product and comes back to your customers over and over again, the logo on the packaging bag adds oneness and commercial to your product.  “It works as your business cards” You can print your design directly on your products with features such as holographic, matte / gloss printer and many other options such as a foiling logo with a sticker on it.
If you make a name for yourself in the market, people will invest in your business. And if you offer shares, they will try their best to buy certain shares of your company. Similarly, all of these things are possible only if you build a good brand name for yourself. Just as people want to invest in trust and if your product is clearly growing in the market, they will invest. Get Discount Mylar Bags because every investor wants a safe model to invest in; people can still invest because of the positive growth of your business.

Direct print mylars

Direct print mylars can be customized depending on your choice you can print lovely graphics with attractive colors, good quality, standard printing strength the look straightforward. As well as you can choose the gloss or matt finish for your custom stand up mylar bags in any size. Load your items in the custom foil bags and add a lovely feature to your items for your brand recognition, discriminate from others accessible in the merchandise. We believe in low-quality prices when it comes to delivering high quality. Universal packaging is the best place to buy large mylar bags. We customize it so you can design your own or just purchase our pre-designed bag. So that we have both options under one platform.

Direct print mylar bags printer

Our design specialists are skilled in generating compliant solutions that help to stand out from its entrants. The creative team will mentor you through all the scoring levels of the direct print mylar bags process to ensure that the installation completes and helps your product build better communication with customers. When the design is complete, we do small prototypes that will assist you preferable understanding the glance and feel of the package. Like our wholesale printed mylar bags are available in any size, material and design. Thus, they are also designed to stand on a table or flat surface, such as display panels, etc. There is a secret to why we are so special. This is because it goes through various processes during production.

5 gallon mylar bags canada

5 gallon Mylar Bags in Canada are your foremost fortification for everlasting food average.  When combined with oxygen absorbers and a bucket,  Canada creates the best long-lived protection system for your food that you can buy. Our products are multi-layered bags of PET and have excellent potassium, durable, light, and moisture and blend of other external surroundings properties.5 gallon mylar bags canada

When storing your food, these are your first line of defence to store food for a long time. 7 mil mylar bags canada combined with air conditioners and a bucket, Universal packaging creates the best long-term protection plan for your food that you can put together at home. These are the multi-layered product of PET (Polyethylene) and aluminium foil and have excellent properties to prevent oxygen, light and moisture.

  1. 5-gallon size is best suitable for preserving bulk quantities of nut fruits, rice or grains and grams..
  2. Crimper with a red hot iron
  3. Absolute for long conservation
  4. 5 Gallon  5 mil Thick multi-layered
  5. The hurdle for Puncture Resistant
  6. Suitable for Long-term Food Storage
  7. Light, Moisture, Oxygen Obstacle and Resistance to Piercing
  8. This size bag is perfect for a meal size of rice, beans, or legumes, as well as a good size for spices, sugar and salt.


Get Wholesale Mylar Bags 

Are looking for custom wholesale mylar bags near me with free shipping and any size? They are used as a container of personal items. They come in extensive sizes and sizes and are often originate spotlight a cabinet. Supplier product stores help bring a wide range of wallets to retailers by offering large lists of options at low prices. A wholesaler buys a lot of goods, collect a variety of items, and sell them in bulk through the sales channels. we can sell go in for products and often offer more discounts to consumers who are interested in bulk shipping. Wholesale custom mylar bags near me vary depending on the market in which they are located. As these are easy to manufacture, We provide customized services to its customers.

Whether it’s a fancy party, office, or just a casual walk, get the best of it our items for wholesale are now much more than just an effective item for handling everyday items. Now they are regarded as an essential accessory and are often associated with everyday clothing to make a person appear fashionable. These wholesale items usually contain many ornaments and design elements to enhance a personal style quotient.

Pouch bag stock

These are made of the finest pouch bag stock, to ensure a premium look and feel. We have Big bag stores that have well-designed pockets, lids, hoods, and handles to give the user great comfort. Fashion lovers will likely be impressed by the variety offered.

They range from small items for decorative purposes to larger ones with several separators and pockets for those who need to carry more. They are be durable and flexible or made of soft and elastic material, depending on the needs of the user. They can be plain or solid colors, and they can be carefully made by hand with mirrors and other ornaments. These are much suitable for the regular packaging of food, nut-fruits, beans, fruity pebbles, rice, grains almost good for all kinds of fruits.

Custom Matte Mylar Bags

Custom matte mylar bags are some of Universal Packaging best-selling items. Do we store weeds, foods, bakery items and so on great? our special foil laminates work well for a variety of products. Innovative, high-strength, chemically stable, and large gas barrier. That makes it valuable to store everything from food to artwork. You can get Custom Soft Touch Mylar Bags that gives a very decent look with design print on it. If you need a product with a long, stable shelf, put your food in a laminated with our Oxygen Absorbers. Our products use FDA and USDA liner material compatible with secure food communications. Can’t find that product you need? Buy Mylar Bags canada in Universal packaging that create packages to match your specifications.

  1. High-quality aluminium foil PET premium standard and are unscented, durable, hot red iron.
  2. A great choice to store and keep your food fresh.
  3. The zip on top is easy to close and tear off when you use it. Perfect for leaks and long-term maintenance.
  4. It is suitable for storing food seeds, grains, beans, nuts seeds and flour and so on.
  5. It is shaped like a box, and it is easy to tighten